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Child and Adolescent Section

The main purpose of the committee is to promote the growth and spread of psychoanalytic thinking within the public services for children and adolescents. The committee encourages the development of multi-disciplinary work. The achievement of this aim is attempted through conferences, teaching programmes and other appropriate initiatives.


Current Committee members

The membership of the sub-committee reflects the multi-disciplinary approach. Members include representatives from the disciplines of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Social Work, Child Psychotherapy and Child Psychology.

Psychiatry - Mary Murphy-Ford (Chair)

Psychology - to be filled      

Nursing - Peter Griffiths

Social Work - Mary-Ann Reinisch

ACP-Psychotherapy - to be filled


These are under re-evaluation

Future Developments

These are under re-evaluation

Initial contact to the committee:

Dr Mary Murphy-Ford
Waltham Forest Child and Family Consultation Service
Shernhall Street, Thorpe Coombe Hospital
London E17 3EA
Phone: 0300 555 1247