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APP Executive committee and Council October 2015

Executive committee

Andrew Soutter - Chair and website editor 

Mary Burd - Secretary and Section Lead for Primary Care

Jeremy Clarke - Treasurer and Research & Practice Lead

Jessica Yakeley  -  Journal Editor


Tony Burch

Gabriek Kirtchuk

Steve Isaccs

Steve Mackie - Chair, Nursing Section

Ex-Offcio members of Council:

Sandra Linford - EFPP representative 

Heather Stewart- ACP representative

Sandra Evans  Chair, Older Adults Section

Laura Allison - Assistant  Editor of the Journal

Sally Stamp - Group section reresentative

Alex Kitromilides - SPR representative

Georgina Parkes and David O’Driscoll -Joint Learning Disability Group representatives

Mary Murphy-Ford - Chair, Child and Adolescent section

Susan Stuart-Smith- e-newsletter Editor

Julia Bland - Couples section representative

Angela Douglas IGA

Robert Klotkins (Trainee Tavistock)

Trustees of the Educational Trust

 Andrew Soutter Chair

Mary Burd

Jeremy Clarke

Ronnie Doctor

Julien Stern